Our Staff

  • 15 Years in Practice
  • Professional, Genuine and Caring 
  • Attended Best School in the Field
  • 99% Satisfaction Score on Anonymous Patient Care Survey
  • Expertise in Several Modalities Including Chinese and Japanese Acupuncture, Herbs, Physical and Manual Therapy
  •  Easy to Reach for Questions or Follow-up
  • Quick Responses to Calls or Texts

What We Offer Our Patients

Patient Reviews  (from Square Point of Sale)

  • Areas of Excellence: Quality, Customer service, Wait time, Environment.  "Andrea is very good at listening to problems and doing her acupuncture accordingly."
  • Wait time, Customer service, Environment, Other, Quality. "Andrea was very patient with all of my questions and explaining how she would address each of my issues."
  • ​​Quality, Customer service, Wait time, Environment. "This being my first experience with acupuncture, I did not know what to expect. It was pleasant and seems like this is going to be what I need to help with my discomfort. I am looking forward to more treatments."
  • ​​Environment, Other, Wait time, Quality, Customer service. "What can I say? It's--you're terrific."
  • ​​Quality, Customer service, Wait time, Environment. "Andrea jackson is a truly sweet good hearted caring person, what would the world be like if we were all like that???🌎"
  • ​"Thorough treatment gentle and caring."
  • ​Wait time, Customer service, Environment, Quality. "Andrea Jackson is wonderful. Very kind and professional. I always feel better after a session with her."
  • ​​Quality, Customer service, Wait time, Environment. "Always great service and she knows just what to do! Feel much better."
  • "​​Excellent Accupuncture!"
  • ​Quality, Customer service, Wait time, Environment. "Everything is amazing and Andrea is very accommodating and pleasant to work with. Thank you."

Our Clinic

  • Comfortable Roomy Waiting Area
  • Call Buttons for Patients While they Rest with Needles (suspended during COVID)
  • Temperature Control in Each Room
  • Wheelchair Accessible
  • Located Near I-84
  • Beautiful Artwork and Decorations
  • Extras like Padded Face Cushions, Heated Tables, Blankets

Our Care Process

  • Easy and Convenient Scheduling
  • Evening Hours
  • Benefits Verification
  • Thorough Intake and Evaluation
  • We are NOT a High Volume Clinic
  • This Means you get the Time You Need to get the Best Care
  • We Involve You in Your Care Plan
  • We Won't Sell You Services or Products that You Don't Need